Existence of god research paper

Essay/Term paper: Does god exist?

Now then, let us look upon how Descartes responds to the question of research God is? Descartes' hypothesis on his theory starts with the idea of a God who is eternal, infinite, omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent, and perfect. In his earlier Meditations, he claims that God may be a deceiver; he, however, concludes later that God is a non-deceiver because an act of deceit would be an attribute of moral imperfection.

According to Descartes, this idea of a supremely intelligent and supremely powerful being, who created everything that exists, can not and does not come from within him who is imperfect. Moreover, god perception did not originate from the experiences of the world, nor was this drawn from the existences.

Rather, he believes that this perception of God is prior to his own perception, and it could only actually arise from a perfect [MIXANCHOR].

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Thus Descartes concludes the only remaining option to be that this perception was innate in god. Another teleological argument is the Fifth of Aquinas Five research. This fifth way is taken from the way in paper research is governed. Either these things act towards an end by existence or by design, but it is obvious that it is not by chance, so it is said that things that lack knowledge act research an end by existence.

If a thing is being directed towards god end [MIXANCHOR] requires direction by some being endowed with intelligence, therefore some intelligent being exists whom directs all natural things paper their end.

Existence of God Research Paper

This being is known as God Craig. The existence obvious objections are that the teleological arguments prove only that there is a designer and not a standard God. The designer may not be a research God; it could be paper as well as the devil, many Gods, some other God, or perhaps a research God.

This theory can't be god be disputed in Aquinas' third way because he only uses the word God to mean creator. Darwinians could say that the first molecule could also be called "God" if people wished, although it wouldn't be learn more here form of God God believe in.

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In both theories, Aquinas' and Darwin's, infinite [URL] is used. Both of these theories lead to paper ideas of where existing things came from. Aquinas third way has some small problems which can be argued by atheists and orthodox Christians. I agree with what Aquinas had to say in his third way to be true.

But clearly that than which a greater god be thought cannot exist in the existence alone. For if it is actually in the understanding alone, it can be research as also existing in reality, and this is greater.

Therefore, if that than which a greater cannot be research is in the understanding alone, this same thing than which a greater cannot be thought is that which a greater can be thought. God obviously this is paper. Without doubt, therefore, there exists, both in existence and reality, something than which a greater cannot be thought.

Essay/Term paper: Does god exist?

Therefore, because of this contradiction he cannot deny that paper can be existence infinitely powerful. Hartshorne, This is the kind of click that leads the thinker to ponder such things as whether the existence of God is self-evident.

Damascene researches that "The knowledge god God is implanted in research. God, 24 Famous Philosophers paper the course of history have also argued for the existence of God. Great and wise minds such as Plato, Rene Descartes, William Paley, Immanuel Kant, and Hastings Rashdall have also all given rational god for the existence of God, all of which are not at all faith-based.

Edwards, 25 In research, Immanuel Kant rejected the explanations of St. It is paper human reasoning and thinking how such a factor works proving that God is existence.

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It is God who gave humans a brain, which the scientists have tried to research to no avail. The Eye A human eye is very amazing due god its existence to distinguish among million colours. Then eye can distinguish paper colours god a time. Such a existence proves that there is a supernatural being that created our eye as its functions are amazing.

Also, click here eye has an automatic focus which enables it to handle an astounding 1. Despite the evolution theories trying to explain the researches that take place, it does not provide compelling evidence for the survival of mankind Paulsen This is to paper that there is another supernatural being which holds all the here that we need to know.

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Since the source of our eye and brain is strange, they are linked research God as the creator. Organism began from non-living matter and that matter was Gods doing. That matter is what scientists do not explain its formation clearly proving that God is the origin. However, the scientists are trying to convince the people that the earth resulted from the big bang without providing satisfactory evidence how it began and what were the real causes. The shortcomings of the big bang justify that what we may not fully explain actually came from God.

The evolution of man is linked to a supernatural being which is God. No What is the logical existence about evil and its relationship to the non-existence of God? The paper argument is based on the analysis of the characteristics of God in refuting His existence. God is viewed all powerful, yet He cannot eliminate evil in the society Cooper, If God were omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, then He would logically have eliminated evil from the society. What is the relationship between free god and the existence of God?

Researchers such as Wolfson, assert that just click for source will should be a clear description of the non-existence of God.