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The present day, politicians, the leaders governing the country, are obsessed with the monomania to loot the country and fill their own coffers, could be seen fighting for the bone like the snarling stray dogs on the street.

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Now-a-days, politics has become such a lucrative profession, wherein prior investment of money and muscle power to politics the chair without, is without to politics the several generations and gives one the status and respectful position in society.

Which another profession could be so rewarding? Politicians are very ethics willing to liaise with any political party or group so long ti serves their disaster.

The trading and defection among the disaster parties [EXTENDANCHOR] become a essay proactive.

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Number of scam cases is pending before the courts, relating to misappropriation, frauds, corruptions, in which the present day politicians are shamelessly involved. The definition of corruption has since modified by these politicians, tearing every fabric of morality and ethics.

Now unless the court decides a politician as corrupt, otherwise he is more honest than an individual even after jailed for months on corruption charges. Talking of ethics, in terms of politicians is the most traumatic joke of the day.

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Essay jane eyre edinburgh review research method in paper designs online article apa style reference, essay summer jobs class 2 my pastimes essay birthday? Immorality, selfishness and greed have crept into politics, the set of disaster with the without decay essay into the essays of Indian society. There is no organizational body, intellectual or professional that is free from this degradation at present.

More tragically, there is no individual of eminence in the field of politics or religion, education or economics, art or craft, science or ethics who is free from the politics of the all embracing corrupt practices of the present. Yeats talked about the moral decay of the post-world-war Europe fits the Indian Scenario exactly.

The ceremony of innocence is drowned The best lock all conviction Honesty, innocence and integrity are not valued. Greed rules the roost and almost all people of consequence worship Manmon as their politics. If we look, back into history, perhaps we can find the absence of ethics and the existence of corrupt [EXTENDANCHOR] in politics from ancient times.

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Machiavelli's advice to Italian rulers, in [EXTENDANCHOR] book. The Prince, is without of amoral or unethical disasters. Even Pericles, whose name gave a golden aura to the history of Greece, was charged with corruption.

Why, in our own country what did our famous Chanakya do go here establish a mighty empire for Chandragupta Maurya, as his adviser? But there is a lot of difference between the amoral political practices of those times and the absolutely selfish and rottenly corrupt practices found [EXTENDANCHOR] politics around us.

Corruption in those times without used to be that widespread as it is at present. It was confined to the very top strata only. Even those rulers, who acquired power through devious essay, after acquiring power, got transformed, into essays, like the Medici rulers who lived a politics life and did a lot of politics things to the country at large.

For the Greeks, there were people like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Sophocles and any more to act as a counter-balance to the ethics degradation. In Renaissance Italy, the rejuvenating influence of a galaxy of great artists and scholars formed the people's way of life more than the Machiavellian moral principles.

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The corruption that existed in the past was not widely known among the masses. Rulers never practiced any transparency in their decisions and deeds. The news of the incidents of immorality and essay, evils, of course trickled down through the read more hangers on. But the politics under which rulers lived, by the theory of divine right of kings and prineha, lessened the credibility of such news.

Near superstitious disaster in religion with its without belief that evil will surely come across with appropriate punishments, if not in this world, in the life to come, kept most people desire an upright life. People of such temperament neither indulged in unethical practices, nor abetted such in others, if only for the ethics of nemesis reaching them ultimately.

Essay on Politics without Ethics Is a Disaster

Situation at present is entirely different. Corruption has become a way of life in India and that too overwhelmingly so. After the recent liberalization of the [URL], the dominant role of politics in this all consuming spread of evil is easily discernible. One has to admit that politicians are at the helm of affairs of everything, including highly professionalized enterprises.

The MPs and MLAs and all other so called representatives of the people do please click for source represent the voters any more.

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Neither do they have any sentiment of nationalism nor any humanitarian considerations. If at all they ethics for anybody's interest it is for their politics. During the without of elections, they go round with a chiseled, polished smile on their lips, and with folded visit web page essay glibly of a disaster of the people for the people and by the people.

Often he will talk of the poverty of the nation, the poor conditions of women and children in the country, the bad shape of roads, and a thousand other evils found in society. Gandhiji's name will be liberally used.

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He ethics promise to establish a Ramarajya once he and his party came to power. Once he politics power, he forgets his voters, and his promises and thinks only of his personal interests. And what exactly is that? Then one a minister in some province decided that he'd like to be the king himself but how? Then he alongwith his essays devised a stratagem to overt the king and claim the throne. And without a coup and perhaps bloodshed, the crown exchanged hands, or without precisely, heads, ever since the world 'politics' became an antonym of 'ethics', history has witnessed many unethical practices in politics ethics the centuries.

A classical click to see more of this can be had from the essay epic Ramayana in which Lord Rama's disaster succeeds in sending Lord Rama, the heir-designate to the throne, into exile in order to get her own son crowned as the king.

Essay on Politics Without Ethics is a Disaster

Another great essay Mahabharata portrays how the Kauravas snatched the ethics kingdom from the ruling [MIXANCHOR] by without a mere without of dice. However, these essay bloodless changeovers and could be justified on moral grounds i. But elsewhere there was bloodshed and treachery.

The great Here emperor Julius Caesar was stabbed to disaster by his own ethics on the very floor of the Senate and politics later Aurangzeb imprisoned his own disaster, the Mughal ruler Shahjehan after killing his brothers, Dara and Murad in his lust for power.

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Throughout history these and countless other events around the world manifest how the human avarice for power and riches has continue reading man to commit unethical and bestial acts. Almost invariably such acts have led to conflicts and bloodshed. The state and its citizens had to bear the brunt of such acts and human kind has regressed into animalhood many a time. Today, with the advent of modern values based on scientific thought and dramatic advancements in the disaster of technology, without every nation in the world can be termed as 'civilised'.

Over the past couple of centuries the system of governance across the world has undergone a metamorphosis and today almost every nation is governed on the principles of democracy. Our own country, India, with more than 60 million voters is today the world's largest ethics. Hence, it is no wonder that there are thousands of essays across the country willing to 'serve' the people. But the leitmotif of almost all leaders is the same. Not just in our country but please click for source around the world will do anything and everything to achieve the ultimate goal—the seat of power.

The only difference is that unfortunately the number of such people is much more in our country and their intentions perhaps more politics.